iTero Scanner

We use an iTero scanner to take digital impressions of your teeth. This allows us to quickly and painlessly take three-dimensional images of your bite and teeth in the office. The orthodontist can then review the images with you to explain the recommended treatment process.

Why is an iTero scanner better than the traditional putty impressions? Here are a few benefits:


This cutting-edge technology generates a three-dimensional image – or impression – of your teeth much faster than a putty impression. An iTero scanner can produce the impression almost instantly!


Instead of biting down on messy putty, the wand of the iTero scanner simply takes pictures of the inside of your mouth. Frequently, the wand doesn’t even make contact with your teeth or mouth.


No errors from an air pocket or putty problems will alter the impression of your teeth with an iTero scanner. It creates an exact image of your teeth. 


We can go over how your teeth look now, and track the progress with you with ease.