Types of Braces

Orthodontics in the Highlands provides a few different orthodontic treatment options. From virtually invisible to sturdy metal we can find the treatment that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

3M Unitek Metal Braces

The traditional braces we use are the high-grade stainless steel 3M Unitek metal braces. 

Advances in orthodontic technology have made these braces more comfortable and smaller than they were years ago. When our at-home treatments are properly followed, the duration of the metal orthodontic treatment can even be shortened. 

3M Unitek Clear Braces

While 3M Unitek clear braces are more delicate than the mental type, their translucent ceramic material makes them less noticeable. Elastic ties are still needed, so these types of braces are not completely invisible. And, just like the metal ones, at-home compliance is key to shortening the duration of your orthodontic treatment. 

Clarity Advanced

This system of braces uses translucent brackets so they are almost unnoticeable to co-workers and friends! Clarity Advanced brackets are small but durable and stain resistant. These braces are comfortable while being barely noticeable. 


By utilizing a series of clear overlay templates called aligners, the Invisalign system gradually moves your teeth in such a seamless manner that they are practically invisible. Some adults with bite problems that can be fixed orthodontically are great candidates for this system. 


Chat with us at Orthodontics in the Highlands to figure out the system that is best suited for you!